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Do you think black plastic glasses fashionable or nerdy?

I plan to buy a pair of prescription glasses. But it seems hard to choose glasses frames. I think black plastic glasses look good on me. But my friends said that it looks nerdy. Is that true? How do you think about black plastic glasses?
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  • Mariah shelley


    Personally, I like black plastic glasses, so I bought myself one, and I wore them for three year on the condition that my eye vision hasn't change a lot. So, I think black plastic glasses will not look nerdy. On the contrary, I think it will not out of fashion in a very long time. But it is hard to figure out whether it is cool with you except knowing your face. And what others think of them are different, there's nothing is the same in 100 eyes. There are some suggestions about different faces and glasses you can have a look. Square face should not wear glasses with angular, but glasses with thinner frames and rectangle or long elliptic lens. People with long or narrow face should avoid glasses similar with their faces, such as narrow on the upper and down frames or thin and long glasses. If you have a round face, you should not wear round glasses anymore, it may make you looks rounder and rounder. Wide face is fit with round, oval or small glasses. And glasses with wide, square or angular glasses will be better. Lozenge faces are also fit with round or oval glasses. Look in the mirror, and you'll get the answer by yourself.
  • Jocelyn griffin


    It depends on yourself. You can go to the Optical Shop to see black plastic glasses and wear them, look at yourself in the mirror. You can choose the best ones by yourself. Personally, I wear the black glasses for many years. I think it is very fashionable for me to wear the black. All in all, Just follow your heart.
  • Susan


    Nowadays, there are a lot of people both celebrities and ordinary beings wearing black glasses to flatter face shape. In fact, black plastic glasses are the trend of 2012. Personally speaking, I like them very much too and I have two pairs of black glasses. My friends said that I look attractive on them especially when taking photos. However, different face shape need different glasses frame and different skin need different color. So you should firstly make sure what your face shape and skin is. If you skin is dark, black may cannot flatter you. In general, trying them on is the best way to check if it fits you or not.