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Andrew bell


Does 1800contacts take vsp insurance?

I want to order some contacts from 1800contacts. Does anybody know if they take VSP insurance?
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  • Chenely


    1-800 CONTACTS is acknowledged as an out-of-network provider by most major vision insurance companies, such as VSP, Cole Managed Vision, EyeMed, Davis Vision, and Spectera. Insurance companies such as these will reimburse you for your purchase, provided that you have an applicable out-of-network benefit in your plan. If you have an out-of-network contact lens benefit in your vision plan, you can simply purchase your contact lenses through 1-800 CONTACTS and then submit the itemized receipt that you will receive with your order to your insurance company for reimbursement. The reimbursement that you will receive from your insurance company is determined by the out-of-network benefit in your vision plan.
  • handyhands


    Yes, it will. It is accepted by most insurance companies. Actually it can accept several kinds of insurance. Maybe you just need to call them and every thing will be clear.
  • Kellie Cote


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