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Jack taylor


Can color blindness be cured?

Is there any treatment that can cure color blindness? Or color blindness is permanent?
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  • alva


    Color blindness is caused by two different reasons. One is present by heredity, and the other is required form. At present, there are no effective treatment to cure congenital achromatopsia. However, many color blindness belongs to the acquire form. With the development of medical technology, Color blindness can be treated and some of this disease can be cured. Color correction instrument and Color blindness meridian massage instrument are being used in the treatment of color blindness.
  • Josh


    Curing color blindness is currently impossible at present. According to the clinical manifestations are divided into full color blind and partially color blind. One can't distinguish between colours, see black and white, gray feeling are full color blind . Lost ability to identify a color is called a partial color blindness. However, there is no scientific method available at present to solve the problem.
  • Justin fergus


    There is no cure for color blindness at present. Color blindness is an inherited defect. The most common types color blindness is green and red deficiencies. Actually, you can wear some special glasses to help with your vision. But they have very limited use. I have to tell you that color blindness is a permanent disease. Fortunately, most color-blind people is normal in all other respects and certain adaptation methods can be helpful. Many people have color blindness. Don't let it affect your life.