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Mya harris


What causes high eye pressure after cataract surgery?

I get high eye pressure after cataract surgery. What caused it?
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  • clearbluesky987


    Yes, when you found that your eye pressure is higher than normal, pls no worries, because this is one of the most common and usual complications after cataract surgeries and usually it will lasts for few days, and if you are lucky enough, sometimes the high eye pressure will disappear after a few hours. We all know, during the cataract surgery, the doctor will inject some visco-elastic material inside to your eye in order to promote cataract extraction surgery and also to protect the corneal endothelium of our eyes. After the cataract surgery, some of the visco-elastic will visco-elastic, meanwhile some of them will remain. Because the material cannot drain because of its thickness, it can block this pathway, resulting in the aqueous humor can be drained outside the eye no longer. Consequently, your eye pressure will be higher. As to the situation, you can do nothing just waiting the high eye pressure to fall down, or you can ask your doctor, and then he will tell you the professional suggestions.
  • Elijah leslie


    Well, first, you should know that the high eye pressure after the surgery can be caused by the stress and the eye strain. Generally speaking, when you have stress, it can affect your eyes, and make your eye pressure high, especially after the cataract surgery. In addition, if your eyes suffer from high eye pressure, it can cause the bloodshot eyes. It can be dangerous. And, it can lead to many eye diseases, such as dry eyes. So just be careful about it. And after the surgery, it is a fatal period for your eyes to recover. So there are some things you should pay more attention to. For example, you should not watch computer in the first week. And heavy exercises should be avoided.
  • Erin jackson


    After the cataract surgery, you should protect the eyes carefully in case of the eye problems. However, your high eye pressure may be caused from the large amount of work which gives you a lot of pressure. The too long time of using eyes in front of computers may cause the high eye pressure too. You'd better go to the hospital to check the eyes.