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Are broken blood vessels in the eye dangerous?

Is it dangerous to have broken blood vessels in the eyes? what should i do now?
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  • Dazza


    Yeah, having broken blood vessels in our eyes is very uncomfortable and annoy us very much. As to whether the broken blood vessels in eyes are dangerous or not will depend on the breakage of the blood vessels. That is to say, if the blood vessels are broken on the surface of the eyes, then there is no need for you to worry, because you can just leave them alone and take no medication, and then the broken blood vessels will go away be themselves. On the other hand, if you found that your broken blood vessels are so serious that affecting your work and life, I think it will be dangerous for you and your eyes, because if the broken blood vessels will make your eyes get infected and sometimes they will cause your vision loss. Then you had better go to hospital asking the doctor to give you some pills. Pls remember that you cannot take the Pillsbury by yourself, because it has been proven that some pills can cause the broken blood vessels. Thanks.
  • california_babi


    Nope, it could not dangerous in most cases. Broken blood vessels in the eye are known as subconjunctival hemorrhage. It seems like that it is a serious eye condition, however, it would not cause any damage to your eye health and eyesight. When the thin blood vessels are broken in the eye, the conjunctiva could not absorb the blood quickly and remain on the whites of the eyes. But the certain factor to cause blood vessels burst is unknown, but some daily activities also can cause it, such as heavy lifting, vomiting, sneezing. It would heal by itself and needs no medical attention. You just need to avoid any heavy activities and take a good rest.
  • Kristy


    It is kind of dangerous to have the broken blood vessels in the eyes which will cause other eye infection. You could use some eye drops to get rid of the bacterium. You should not use the computer for a long time which may get the symptom of broken blood vessel get serious. You should not smoke or drink too.