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Does an eye infection go away by itself?

I got eye infection. I wonder if i need to see doctor. Does an eye infection go away by itself?
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  • Isabelle


    Really, eye infection is really a problem that will disturb our life and work. As usual, the eye infection will not go away by itself. However, I want to tell you there is nothing that someone can guarantee. As to the question you asked, I think it will depend on whether your eye infection is serious or not. That is to say, if your eye infection is not serious, and you do not want to see doctor, you can just do some exercise to strengthen your immune system to fight with the bacteria then your eye infection will be recover. As to the first situation, you should keep in mind that this way will work only on condition that your eye infection is not serious. Then, if your eye infection is serious, you had better not reply on the point that the eye infection will go away by itself. Because the bacteria is strong enough and your immune system will not beat it, I think you had better see the doctor or use some eye drops.
  • Connor nelson


    Yes, it resolves on its own. Eye infection is caused by bacteria or virus, pink eye is one typical example. Fortunately, most eye infections last only about one to two weeks and go away without any medication. However, it is really annoying and inconvenient for you. The most common symptoms of eye infection are redness of the eye and itchiness around the eye. In general, it can be clear up with prescription antibiotic eye drops. At the same time, you can use cold compress to assist the medical treatment. But you have to wash and clean your hands before touching your eyes.
  • eclipseracer01


    In the common sense, you should go to see the doctor and accept some medical treatment which will cure your eye infection quickly. However, if you keep the good habit of living, including sleeping and eating, you will find that the eye infection goes away by itself. And the precondition is that the eye infection is not that serious.
  • Justin fergus


    Eye infections can be bacterial, viral, or fungal. You can get infections from 2 "paths". Either internally from viruses that lay dormant in your nerves such as (freaky i know!), like herpes, or after an injury from the outside environment. People that wear contact lenses are more likely to get an infection actually. But this is when they don't do the right thing, and not follow instructions. Some contact lenses are only meant to be worn for small periods of time, eg coloured contact lenses or normal daily contact lenses. You shouldn't sleep with these in your eyes overnight! Anywho the internal herpetic infections are handled, but can always pop up again. The external ones are often handled by the eye with minimal drama. White blood cells come into the eye, gobble up (phagocytose) the virus or infected cells, and your bodies cells start re-building any damage.So, to summarise. Most eye infections resolve with minimal or no treatment. Some infections are more difficult than others for your body to deal with. AND, you should see a doctor if your eyes hurt for any reason.