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Is it safe to have eyelash extensions?

I want to make my eyelashes look longer. So, is it OK to take eyelash extension?
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  • garcia


    Pls just put your heart in your stomach, because I have had the eyelash extension done for many years. I want to tell you that if you use it properly and carefully, you and the eyelash extension are all safe. As usual, there are two ways for us to finish eyelash extension-- mascara cream and fake eyelashes. On one hand, you should not make your fake eyelashes last long, because the glue on the eyelash will do some harm for you and your eyes, then your eyes are easily to get infection. You can just use some DHC to clear the glue. Besides, when you use the mascara cream instead of the fake eyelashes, I think it will be easier for you because you can use the makeup remover to clean the residue of the mascara cream. I told you just because I want to tell you that I have used the eyelash extension for many years, so just do want you want on condition that you are careful enough. Hope I can help you.
  • Caitlin


    It is ok to use some eyelash extension. However, you should firstly know whether you belong to the sensitive skin. You should not let the eyelash extension material come into the eyes which will make it possible for your eyes to get infection. If you keep the good habit of hygiene, you could use eyelash extension to make your eyelashes become long.
  • taylor


    It can be risky to do that. Eyelash extension is used for assisting people to look more beauty. Although it is a convenient way to have longer eyelashes, it is considered as high risk. Firstly, it is easy to make irritation to your eyes due to this kind of eyelash requires glue to stable their position on your eyelid. At the same time, you would have an allergic reaction to the adhesive used to hold the lashes in place, which is painful or comfortable. Additionally, it could damage your real eyelashes if you remove the false ones from your eyelids. Last but not the least, it takes time for you to keep the eyelashes well, but they have to be replaced within 6 to 8 weeks.

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