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How long will it take the pink eyes to disappear?

I got the pink eyes yesterday and it was only in my left eyes. The doctor prescribed me some eye drops and I use them every 3 hours. So how long will it take the pink eyes to disappear with proper treatment?
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  • Cassy


    It will depend on which type of pink eye. If you get the viral one, then it takes a week or so to disappear. If you have the non viral one, it will take a day or two with eye drops.
  • hands_down360


    I had pink eyes last year and it almost took a week to get recovered.If you can take care of your eyes very well, it may take fewer days.Remember not to rub them with your hands.
  • Mike


    2 weeks at most. But if you are recovered, you still need to be much careful otherwise it can spread to your eyes again.