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How long does pain last after prk ?

Is it pain to take PRK surgery? How long will it last? I just want to know because i am gonna to take a PRK surgery.
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  • cthier


    PRK is the abbreviation of Photo-Refractive Keratectomy and a surgery performing on the surface of the cornea to remove the protective skin covering the eyes. The surgery itself is painless, but you will feel comfortable or pain during the long time of recovery because that the recovery of the cornea surface is very slow. After the surgery, the anesthetic used during the surgery is worn off, so you feel painful, accompanied by vision blurriness. The pain usually lasts for several days. It is also possible that the pain will be very severe. However, eye drops, contact lenses, pain-killers and cool compresses can work to relieve the pain.
  • tuener


    PRK surgery can correct your vision and it's pain free during the surgery. While, after the surgery, you may feel pain when anesthetic is gone, and that feeling will be disappear little by little by your eyes recovery. While, if you still feel pain after several weeks of the surgery, tell it to your doctor because it can be caused by the side effects of PRK surgery.
  • Jordan Brown


    You will feel no pain during taking the prk surgery which will be about several minutes. It will go through fast. A lot of people with short sighted symptom now choose to take the prk surgery to correct their eye sight. This surgery is effective and safe. That is the good way for many people to say goodbye to their eyeglasses and have the right vision to see things. You should protect the eyes carefully if you are not short sighted now.