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James taylor


How to select basketball goggles?

I want to buy a pair of basketball goggles to protect me. I have never bought goggles. Who can tell the info that I should pay attention to when choosing basketball goggles
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  • Isabel fergus


    When it refers to select basketball goggles for playing basketball. Most of people are recommended goggles that made of polycarbonate materials. Yes, that true because they are strong enough to shield the eyes. Besides, you shall also care about the coverages, padding and lens color of the goggles. In details, the goggles you choose must cover the entire of the eye socket so as to protect it. Besides, goggles frames with padding can help prevent injury to the bone structure. What's more, choose the right colored lenses will give you clear vision for a better performance in games.
  • Saarah


    Above all you should have a price expected, because some brands of sports glasses are very professional but also very expensive. Secondly, choosing sports glasses, you should choose good brands. Different brands have their own different characteristics, and their more professional project glasses styles. After choosing good brands, you should pay attention to your glasses degree, the lens is too thick to be installed because of the strong prescription, so people with strong prescription don't be recommended prescription sports glasses.

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