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Do big contact lenses offer relief for dry eyes?

I heard someone told me that he got instant reliever from big contact lenses. Is that true? Do you guys tell me some facts about big contact lenses?
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  • Alexa


    I read an article at Science Daily. It said that Big Contact Lenses Provide Instant Relief for Dry Eyes. So, you may have a try to see if big contact lenses offer relief for dry eyes. That article told us by an example. It is said that there is a person Susan Loughman who suffers dry eyes, But she gets instant relief when she puts in a pair of wide-diameter contact lenses that were prescribed by optometrist Peter Russo, OD. And Loughman also said that the contact lenses keep her eyes moist and are comfortable to wear.
  • Nat


    No, I don't think big contact lenses can offer relief for dry eyes. Dry eyes can be due to many factors, including side effects of medications; skin disease around the eyelid;eye allergies; and immune system disorders. There is no reason that big contact lenses would help dry eyes. If you have dry eyes while wearing contacts, you can use some eye drops working well with contacts.
  • Cassidy campbell


    Usually, contact lenses are reasons but solution to dry eyes. If you wear contact lenses for long times without having eye drops, you might end up feeling dry eyes. Of course, there are a number of other factors that can lead to dry eyes, including allergy, skin disease, immune system disorder etc. Big contact lenses seem to me not the answer you are trying to get. You should probably rather get a bottle of eye drops and drip a drop or two whenever you feel the dry eye.

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