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What are good eye exercises for treating droopy eyelids?

I got a droopy eyelid on one of my eyes. What should i do? Is there any good eye exercises i can do?
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  • Cassy


    Droopy eyelid means the edge of the upper eyelid falls to a position lower than normal and it sometimes can even cover all or part of the pupil and cause vision problems. And sometimes drooping eyelids may remain constant, may be intermittent or may be progressive. The muscle that controls the upper eyelid that result to droopy eyelid will lose its control rapidly as we grow older,so there are some exercises for droopy eyelid that you may have a try: It is said that a plastic surgeon may help with it, but I suggest you take some exercises rather than a plastic surgeon and you need to keep on doing them: 1. You can place 2 fingers on the side of your temples and press, and then close and open your eyes rapidly for 10 times. 2. Or you can also place your index finger under each of your eyebrow, and then lift the eyebrow slowly in the upward direction against the bone of the upper eye socket, and then slightly lower your upper eyelid for a while and close your eyelid. And then open your eyelid for a while. You need to repeat this for 3 times. 3. Place your fingers on each temple and try to pull the eyes towards your ears. and then open and close your eyes for 10 times. There are a lot exercises that you can try , but the most important thing is to hold the line , keep on it !
  • b3li3ve


    If your eyelids become droopy, you'd better not pull the eyes any more. Some activities may unconsciously make the droopy eyelids become serious. There are wearing the contact lenses, making up and so on. During these act, you will have to pull the eyes. You can just do the eye healthy exercise to protect the eyes.
  • Savannah percy


    Droopy eyelid is a common sign of aging, which is usually caused by loss elasticity in the muscles of eyes. It is not possible to remove the sign of aging, however, there is a few ways to delay it a little bit and treat droopy eyelids. Basically, you need adequate and good quality sleep, it is better get least eight hours of sleep daily, which would reduce the occurrence of droopy eyelids. And you need to drink a large amount of water each day. Nourishment is a great way to prevent droopy eyelids and other negative risks to your body. At the same time, you should eat healthy vegetables and fruits as much as possible. It would give your body the proper nourishment it needs on a regular basis. Or you can place cool gel packs on your eyes to reduce swelling around your eyelids.