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What does water content mean in contact lenses?

When i talking about contact lenses, I hear some people say water content. What that mean? Does it make them softer, harder or what?
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  • hand_and_soul


    In theory, under the precondition of the same material between the contact lenses, the higher the moisture content, the better the performance through oxygen of the contact lenses. In addition, the lens is also more soft. You will wear more comfortable. But it does not mean that water content taller is the best. The contact lenses with above 50% water content may easily be out of shape. Thus, you should just base on your own situation to choose the suitable ones.
  • csky4


    Water content is an important factor of the various plastics which are used to make soft contact lenses. In the cases of conventional soft contact lenses, higher water content of the lens can let more oxygen pass through the lens to the surface of the eye. So this is important for lens comfort and healthy eyes , however, high water content lenses may be more fragile, so they are more likely to tear with frequent handling. A lot of lenses now contain between 50% and 60% water and some contain over 70%. But we cannot say that a high water content contact is much better that a low one, because in the cases of dry eyes, a low-water-content lens is better, since the low-water content lens holds its shape better in dry environments and fits better, and it is also less dependent on absorbing your tears to maintain its shape.
  • CeCe Bazel


    Water content is an important parameter of contact lenses that shows the proportion of water in contact lenses. Theoretically, under the premise of the same material, contact lenses with higher water content are softer and the oxygen permeability is better. But that does not mean the higher the water content, the better. Because high water content can bring some disadvantages such as contact lenses with higher water content are easier to deform. Besides, higher water content means the contact lenses will absorb more water that will lead your eyes feel dry. If your eyes often feel dry or you always wear contact lenses for a long time, you'd better choose contact lenses with low water content.

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