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How to keep your eyes open when putting in contacts?

It is always so hard for me to keep my eyes open when I try to put in contacts. What do you guys usually do?
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  • Kate


    It is easy to do that. Don't be nervous and keep calm. And also, you can use one hand to keep your eyes open, using your middle finger pull your below eyelid and your index finger hold your up eyelid. Then, try to put the contact lenses in your eyes with your other hand, put the contact lenses on the palm of your index finger, then send it to your eyes. Just remember wash your hands and clean your contact lenses before you do that. Besides, you are not suggested to keep long nails if you often wear contact lenses that could cause scratches to your eyes and your contact lenses. At first, you may feel difficult to do that. Don't worry, as long as you practice it more, you can easy to put the contact into your eyes.


    Yes, it is really hard to keep eyes open when you put contact lenses into the eyes. So, we have to use one of our hand to keep my eyes"open" when we put contact lenses into the eyes. First of all, you must clean your hands and contact lenses carefully. Then, place a contact lens on the index finger, let the lens sit on the fingertip of the index finger that are available for putting it into the eyes. Next, you shall use your other hand to keep your eyes "open" by pulling your lower eyelid downward and hold your upper eyelid. At last, gently place the lens on your eyeball. Finally, close your eyes and try to blink your eyes to let the lenses stay the right place in your eyes. Hope this can help you.

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