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Can I exercise after retinal detachment surgery?

I just took a retinal detachment surgery. Can i do exercises? Will it be bad for my eyes? Or how long can I do exercise after the surgery?
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  • Caleb may


    You'd better not exercise after the retina detachment surgery. After the surgery, you should have a good rest for the retina to come back again. If you exercise violently, the retina may fall again for the not well growing. Thus, if you really want to have exercise, you can have a walk after the dinner.
  • Dylan fergus


    Yes, you can take some exercise after retinal detachment surgery. But before you taking exercise, you shall get your eyes checked by doctor and the doctor gives you the okay. If you just take retinal detachment surgery and not recover from the surgery, you'd better not take exercise. In a words, you shall listen doctors advices.
  • carolmck


    No, you had better not to do that. The tissue lining the inside of eyes is known as retina, which is a vital part of the eye. However, That the retina is pulled away from the eyes is retinal detachment, which is a serious eye disorder to lead to blindness if it's uncorrected treatment and recovery. Therefore, you had better not take intense exercise for a few weeks after the surgery, thus the tissue wouldn't be tough to cause the retina detach again.