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Does crying cause bloodshot eyes?

Does crying cause bloodshot eyes? i am wondering about it, because i often get bloodshot eyes after crying.
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  • green


    Yes, this is a normal phenomenon. When you are after crying, the water in eyeball is missing and the cells become dry. So the blood vessels of the blood looks obvious, then you have bloodshot eyes. My experience is that if you cry for a short time, it is good. But, on the contrary, crying for a long time can cause damage. Therefore, you should pay attention to your eyes. Of course mainly you need to eat healthy, including carrots, green pepper, spinach, orange, etc. As long as contains VA and VC, you can try.
  • b1ttersw33t7


    Yes, eyes could get bloodshot after you crying, especially for a long time. When you cry, you are emotional or sad. And this will cause your eyeball get bloodshot. Besides, when you cry , your eyes are work in the whole time, and this is a kind of exercise for them. Long time of work for blood circulation of your eyeballs will be increase. But this is not a big problem, they will be OK soon.
  • Lee


    Your eyes can be bloodshot from crying, being too dry, being really sleepy or for a number of other reasons. Mine were for a couple of days earlier this week because I had been reading Harry Potter and cried with my contacts in.
  • walentynka


    Yes, after a long time's crying, you may enlarge your vessel. That is the main reason for the bloodshot eyes after your crying. So, you have to smile and let you mood go well aftermath. I suggest you use the eyedrops to release the symptom of bloodshot eyes.
  • Makayla


    Yes, it's normal to cause bloodshot eyes after you have been crying for a long time. Because Tears can keep your eyes moist, and if you're crying a lot, you're probably draining your tear supplies. In this situation, you should not worry about it too much. You could try to drink more water to keep your whole body hydrated. Then it might help in keeping your eyes hydrated too. Also you can pick up some unmediated eye drops to keep your eyes a bit moister and if necessary some of the medicated drops to reduce the redness.