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Cassidy campbell


What do for eye strain? Where can I find info on Computer Glasses?

I've been getting some eye strians lately and today its really bad. I talked to my mom and she said to look in to computer glasses since I work at a computer almost 8 hours a day. Where can I find info on them and how can I reduce my eye strain? its getting quit hard to work today becuase its hard to focuas.
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  • 04/14/2012

    As for the eye strain, try to look somewhere else every 30 minutes and blink your eyes consciously more or do some eye exercises . Some eye drops will help reduce the eyestrain . computer glasses are advantageous in many aspects, they are naturally a little more expensive than ordinary glasses and computer glasses in the entity stores are limited in number yet more costly. some online stores such as Firmoo offer a wide selection of computer glasses .
  • aaron


    Dear friend, eye strain is a very common problem for most computer users. I suggest you to have a rest when you feel a little tired when you are working. You can just close your eyes and move your eyeballs from the left side to the right side or from up to down. This will increase the movement of your muscles around your eyes. You can use some artificial tears to moisten your eyeballs when you feel that your eyes are dry. But I still think that get enough sleep in the night is a good way to relieve eye strain and tiredness.

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