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Marissa edward


How to make asian eyes stand out?

My eyes look like asian eyes. But i want to make it look more attracting. Any idea? How to make it stand out?
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  • Trinity rose


    The Asian eyes have already attracting itself. The Asian style will show a little mystery and peace. You can smile with your eyes. The abundant expression will increase the charming to your eyes. Light colored eyes shadow and mascara will also brings cuter and fashion feature to your whole style. More confidence will enhance the attraction to your whole body. The eyes are the windows of the spirit, open your mind, you will be more sweet ever after.
  • handsdown9871


    Usually, asian eyes have the feature of slanted shape, and some of them are even mono lids without a crease, which make their eyes not deep and prominent. However, if you want to make your eyes look beautiful and stand out, you can do some make ups with the right colors to achieve the great feeling of standing out. Well, you can draw an eye liner around the entire eye with moderate thick which will make you a pretty and clean feeling. Then to make your eyes bigger and stand out, you can put a shimmery bright color in the inner corners of your eyelids, and use pale cream shadows all over the eyelids. This will make your eyes outstanding and beautiful. Finally, you can Curl your eyelashes, which is also a very important step to make your asian eyes bigger and stand out.
  • walkietalkie1


    If you want to make your asian eyes stand out, you could wear the colored contact lenses to make the eyes be bigger. You could also do the make up at the eyes, like eye liners or eye shadows to make the asian eyes look different. You could try the above ways and see the effect. You will of course look beautiful at the eyes.