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Why do my eyes burn when i wear glasses?

My eyes feel burning when i wear my prescription glasses. Why? Is this a sign i should change new glasses?
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  • Susan


    If you feel burning when you wear your prescription glasses, your prescription of the eyeglasses may be higher than what you need. You should lower the prescription. However you should check whether your eyes get infection with invisible bacterium. You could do the warm compress at home to make the eyes feel comfortable.
  • Cammie


    First of all, you should consider some external factors such as some irritating substance, smoke, dust and so on. You should know that glasses don' t make your eyes burn. But it would be different if you clean your lenses with some chemicals. Chemicals will leave a residue, which will make you feel very uncomfortable in your eyes. Why not rinse your glasses first and then dry them with clean cloth. If your eyes still burn, I guess it may be other factors. Glasses has nothing to do with burning eyes. But there is another rare factor. Are you allergic to the material of your glasses? Anyway, you had better go to the doctor, and don' t forget to bring your glasses there, the doctor will find out the reason.


    Firstly, I insist that what you have to do immediately is go to the office of your ophthalmologist or optometrist and have them check either the glasses still has a centered frame or a correct prescription. You know, eye health comes first. Intense uses of your eyes include facing the computer all day undoubtedly leading to eye dryness and eye strain. What is more. due to inappropriate uses, the frame will be deformed. Well, although the lens technology is rapidly and efficiently developed, which is far superior than many years ago, mistakes can not be totally avoided. When your glasses was matched newly, the minor deviation between the correct and incorrect prescriptions could not be recognized at that time. However, the mistake becomes a problem as time goes on, especially when your degree match greatly, the most obvious sign of an incorrect glasses prescription is blurred or fuzzed images with a wrong prescription. As a result of a large mistake, you may even have cross-eye. It also causes other symptoms include discomfort, burning, dry eye, dizziness and nausea. Before your any decision, it is wise to see the doctor in specialized hospital. Just for reference. Have a good day.
  • Dylan


    Not really. Sometimes burning and pain in eyes because of fatigue and excessive use of eyes. The pressure in eyes may increase so that unwell, redness, burning, even blurry vision are all possible to occur. However, if your eyes keep burning constantly, you had better ask a doctor for help.When you cannot get a sharp vision and begin to feel dizzy,your eye glasses is time to change.