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Caroline hill


How to make deep set eyes stand out?

I have a pair of deep set eyes. Do you have any idea to make it stand out? Any suggestion?
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  • Emma


    From the normal people's point of view, the deep set eyes are the most beautiful and impressive eyes in the world. It is angular and easy to makeup. It really stand out by the character of itself. If you want to highlight your eyes, the dark colored eyes shadow will help you to increase the size of your eyes in a visual way. The mascara scream will increase the exquisite and elegance appearance of your eyes. Give yourself more confidence will also help with the expression of your eyes. Enjoy your time!
  • Connor nelson


    Deep set eyes means that your eyes set a little bit deeper inside your eye socket. To make your deep set eyes stand out you should be aware of how to apply better make-up for them. And I will introduce some recommendable tips of how to conduct eye make-up to your deep set eyes so that they will stand out more. 1.Use more light-colored eye shadows which will make your deep set eyes brightened and open up. And do not use too dark-colored shadows which will make the deep set eyes more stand out. 2.Eyeliners to the deep set eyes are also to be light but not dark. We believe that blue eyeliner are better for brown eyes and gold ones for blue eyes. 3.It is better to add layers on the mascara which can put the focus out around your eyes.
  • Kaylee


    If you want to make your deep set eyes stand out to some degree, you could use to wear the colored contact lenses. Then you could use the eye liner or eye shadow to make your eyes look bigger. The attractive eyes will show out. You could have a try and see the effect.

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