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Why do so many people love to wear those nerdy Korean style glasses?

I saw many people in my school wear those big nerdy glasses that koreans usually have. Why is that in style?
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  • Mackenzie rose


    They are just look great on some people especially for some young girls with Asian face features. In fact, such nerdy Korean style glasses are easy to match clothes and fit for lots of people. No matter you want to dress in a rock way, cute look, or sexy appearances, big nerdy glasses can match you as long as you wear properly. Maybe this is the reason why they like to wear korean style glasses.
  • Melissa duncan


    Nerdy Korean style glasses are very popular among young people these days. They are considered to be one of the most fashionable glasses due to the geek design. Many people with nerdy Korean style glasses look kind of chic and cool, which draw many people's attention. Some people like these style of glasses because the nerdy style eyeglasses make them look smart. If you like the nerdy style glasses, you can go to an optical store to try them on.