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Is it safe to order prescription contact lenses online?

I never buy prescription contact lenses online. Is it safe to order it online? Will i be cheated?
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  • gwynnie


    With the rapid development of Ecommerce, more and more people tend to order prescription contact lenses online because of the convenience. It is quite safe now to buy contact lenses online and you need to choose some good and well known online stores like 1800contacts. To purchase your contact lenses online, you need an up-to-date and correct prescription including your name, lens measurements, the contact lens brand and material and your doctor's name. When your contact lenses arrive at your home, check to be sure they're exactly what you ordered — for example, the correct brand, strength, and diameter — and match what your doctor prescribed.
  • Sherri H


    The quality of online products some are good, some are bad. You must pay attention to When you buy online for the first time. As you see, you never purchase contact lenses online, in my opinion, you can ask your friends and colleagues to see if they have purchased online experience. Of course, for me, I think it is quite safe, because I have myopia, too, and I bought contact lenses on the Internet several times, the result shows that the quality has no problem; However, when you buy it for the first time, you need to purchase in a regular and reputable web sites to ensure the quality of the glasses.
  • taylor


    Nowadays, it is more and more popular to buy things online, for shopping online is more convenient, so do ordering the prescription contact lenses online. There are many online glasses stores and websites now. They offer numerous types of prescription contacts for you to choose from. Most of them are sold at reasonable and affordable price. You can definitely find your own favorite one there. They also guarantee the quality of the contacts and the accuracy of lenses before mailing them to the customers. If you are not satisfied with your prescription contact lenses, you can also refer to their Return & Refund policy and they will solve the problems very quickly.