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What happens if you overuse eye drops?

I have red eye and the doctor prescribed me some eye drops. I want to remove the redness more quickly so i double the usage. Will it cause some eye problems?
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  • crystaljade


    Though eye drops can resales dry eyes and eye strain. But there are also side effects of overuse eye drops. If you overdue eye drops it will damages your secretory function of your eyes. Besides, most of eye drops contains antiseptic, if you overuse it, it surely hurt your eyes. So, you'd better adopt natural tears to keep your eyes moist instead of eye drops.
  • Justin


    Overuse eye drops that is used to remove redness can suffer rebound eye redness. If it is serious, it will cause permanent redness and damage to the blood vessels in your eye. What's more, some kinds of eye drops can cause side effects, such as eye irritation and eye infection. So you should follow the doctor's instructions to use eye drops to treat your red eyes. Don't overuse eye drops, or it will cause something serious.
  • Caleb murphy


    Don't do that. It is quite harmful to your eyes. Just as an old saying goes," More haste and less speed", it may make your redness more serious and damages your function of your eyes. And it may make you become dependent on eye drops. Another thing I want to tell you is that don't misuse eye drops and you should follow the doctor's advice to sue them. Do remember that wash your hands before you use eye drops to prevent bacteria from setting in.
  • Aaron


    Eye drops are some kind of medicine actually, so we can only use proper level to keep our eyes healthy and clean. Do not to overuse eye drops. If you overuse eye drops, that may cause the Dry eye syndrome even more seriously. Especially for those eyedrops which contains hormone, overuse can cause damage on the eyes.

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