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Miranda hall


What causes contact lens discomfort?

I am about to switch my prescription eyeglasses to contact lenses. I heard people are prone to suffer contact lenses discomforts. Who can tell me what can lead to contacts discomfort before I begin to wear contacts, so I can pay attention to what you say.
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  • Andrew Rabinowitz


    There are many disadvantages about contacts usage other than eyeglasses. You need pay much attention to the contacts for it will contact with your eyes without distance. Scratching and dirty lenses will do harm to your eyes for the sake of the vulnerable organ itself. The virus will be easier to get into eyes through contacts from hands to eyes. The solution must be changed every day as daily caring and every three days in spare. Don't wear it for a long time which over 8 hours or wear it while sleeping. Watch for the usage longevity of contacts for one day/month/half years etc, and discard it follow the instruction of user's manual. The last one, please keep the eyeglasses for the preparation of urgent times. The contacts are vulnerable and easy to be damaged by accidents. Keep the glasses for the emergency situation for spare use.
  • cocreative


    Actually, there are several types of eye discomfort with contact lenses, like dryness, lens tear, redness, gritty feeling, blurry vision and so fourth, which brother plenty of contacts wearers nowadays. First and foremost, sanitation problem is always essential, such as washing your hands before wearing contact lenses or quitting the bad habit of rubbing eyes. Moreover, inappropriate wearing or cleaning your contact lenses may also lead to eye discomfort, and long-time or over-time wearing is also a problem. There is no denying that contact lenses make seeing clearly more convenient, nevertheless, they are also annoying to wear. Thus, keep in mind that if your eyes don't feel good, look good, or see well with your contact lenses, you'd better have a checkup by an eye care professional ASAP. Believe it or not, sometimes a minor contact lens irritation may develop into a more serious issue if left untreated.
  • handsome____boy


    Sometimes contact lens discomfort arises due to the ill-fitting lenses, since they are not one-size-fits-all. Also improperly used or cared for lenses can contribute to this kind of wearing discomfort. Keep a regular habit of soaking your contact lenses in solution (NO Tap Water!!!) and change the solution regularly (preferably 3 days' length). Avoid by all means your temptation to rub your eyes or put on contact lenses without cleansing your hands. Besides, wearing contact lenses for too long can also cause discomfort and eye fatigue. So developing a good habit is the half success of eye care.