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Cassidy bell


Can a person with lazy eye drive?

I have a lazy eye. Can i drive? Any suggestion?
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  • clint


    Of course you can. I have a lazy eye and I drive truck.
  • comingoutloud


    Well, of course, you should not drive until you have cured lazy eyes. For lazy eyes, it is known as amblyopia, and generally speaking, it means that one of your eyes has not developed normally, and at the same time, blurred vision can be possible. So if you keep driving, it can be dangerous for you. Anyway, I will not suggest you have driving. For the causes, lazy eyes are caused by various conditions which can prevent the brain from using both eyes together. For the treatments, patching alone, patching combined with surgery, and patching combined with vision therapy are the most common ones. Anyway, just be careful about it.
  • Alexia


    Well, looks like there is something wrong with your eyes. Lazy eyes is one of the most popular problems with people, which is derived from a lot of causes, such as drug use, lack of sleep, or vitamin deficiency, and other physical disorders. Anyway, I suggest that you try to get some treatment before you begin to drive! Think twice before you act and take good care of your life! Try also to get some good and healthy foods and rest.