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Can coffee cause yellow eyes?

Can drinking too much coffee cause yellow eyes? If so, anyway to prevent it?
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    The answer is yes, drinking too much coffee can really give rise to yellow eyes in fact. As we all know, coffee contains lots of caffeine, which can increase the eye pressure and be a problem with your liver as well. In other words, if you drink too much coffee, it is not good for your liver, so does drinking alcohol and smoking. Meanwhile, as for the yellow eyes, it is usually stemmed from liver diseases. What's more, some studies find that consuming too much caffeinated coffee can even cause vision loss or even blindness. Accordingly, in consideration of your eyes, you'd better get away from too much coffee as far as possible. Besides, keeping a health diet, such as eating kinds of fruits and vegetables, can also be helped.
  • cookie127


    Well, yes, in opinion, coffee can cause yellow eyes. So you need to drink less. And generally speaking, for many people, if they are experiencing yellow in eyes, that means they may have a common disorder which is named Jaundice. You should know that our body gets rid of old red blood cells and processes new blood cells in the liver, and jaundice is a result of too many red blood cells retiring at one time. And coffee can be an important factor which can lead to it. To treat it, of course, first, you should give up drinking too much coffee. And also, you can mix tomato juice with salt and black pepper. And drink it on an empty stomach and typically in the morning. Anyway, just have a try.
  • edward


    As we know, there is a lot of caffein in the coffee which will stimulate your blood nerves. Your liver may get affected. That is why you get the yellow eyes. You need to have the good rest for the eyes and drink more tea to make your eyes get bright. You should also eat more food with vitamin C which will make your eyes get moisture too.
  • Jordan owen


    I never seen any proves that coffee can lead to yellow eyes. I just seen that too much coffee intake may lead to high eye pressure. And yellow eyes can be caused by jaundice, malaria, hepatitis, pancreatic cancer, liver congestion or some certain medications. So, you needn't worry about it when you drink coffee. Nevertheless, you still reduce your coffee consumption for the sake of your health.

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