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Can computer cause sore eyes?

Does playing computer lead to sore eyes? If so , how to relieve it?
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  • exxxtazzzy


    Sore eyes are most commonly due to strain and infection.Actually, most people thing sore eyes are pink eyes. Not exactly, sore eyes have some symptoms as sane as pink eyes, but not pink eyes indeed. Playing computer will cause eye strain, eye tired, even eye pain. Using eyes excessive is easy to cause fatigue and increase pressure in blood vessels which are in eyes. And then the blood vessels are so prominent than ever. Thus, redness begins to occur. You also will experience pain. Computer can produce UV lights that affect the back of eyes and eye sight. However, if you play with computer in a long time, it's possible to cause sore eyes. Well, when sore eyes occur, you can drop some basic drops to reduce the pressure in blood vessels. Also, you can drink some warm water to ease your fatigue. Cucumber slices and tea bags also help with reduce pain and unwell. Plus, don't paly computer constantly,or bad eyesight and eye disorders will follow you.
  • Tyler


    In order to cure the sore eye from long working time, first of all, blink your eyes frequently to moisten your eyes, and then take use of some eye drops of artificial tears. You must know, the regular relax is very important for your eyes even your whole body. Make sure live from computer for 10min every two hours working. If the symptom become serious, you may find a protect glasses of computer which would filter blue ray. The ray is the reason of eye fatigue as well as the injury of visual cells in your eyes. This kind of glasses may cure your eyes for a sooner way. You can put a green plant of tiny potted landscape on your working desk or put a big one near your location in your office if convenience. The green color is the greatest things for your eyes to relax near your working place. Moreover, it would make the air clean while plays the role of radiation protector. There are some foods may help for your eyes, the carrot is full of carotene, the vegetables and colorful fruits may help your eyes with nourishing. A good sleep is also important for your eyes recovery.
  • christian


    Yes, playing computer will lead to your sore eyes because of the tiredness. The radiation from the computer will be bad for your eyes. In order to relieve it, you need to wear the computer goggles when you play computer. You need to have the good rest when you sit in front of the computer for more than 40 minutes. You could also use some eye drops to moisture the eyes.

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