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Can dry eyes cause permanent damage?

How do you think of dry eyes? Although it seems not a big problem, i worried about that if it will cause permanent damage if i ignore it?
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  • Miranda


    Usually dry eyes is not a serious problem and it often occurs when the eye does not produce tears properly. While if you ignore it and left it untreated, it can lead to eye inflammation, infection and damage to the surface of the cornea and even permanent damage to the front of the eye. So when you feel you have dry eyes, go to see the doctor as soon as possible.
  • Mackenzie raphael


    The dryness of the eyes should not be ignored although it is not a big problem. If you don't treat it well in time, you may have the permanent damage. The dryness of the eyes in the serious problems will cause the damage of the visual nerves which will cause the blindness. You'd better treat it in time with the warm compress or the eyes drops to make you feel comfortable.
  • Jocelyn griffin


    Being lack of tear production or excessive tear film evaporation are possible to cause dry eyes. Tears make our eyes maintain vision and comfort. And they also can wash away dirty things in our eyes. Dry eyes often lead to eye pain, lightly sensitivity, a feeling of a foreign body or sand in the eye, redness and burning. But relax, dry eyes cannot damage your eyes permanent. There are many ways that you can cure it: using artificial tear drops and ointments, temporary and permanent punctual occlusion, the prescription eye drop Restasis works chronic dry eye, medicines and surgery.

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