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Can a bend eye glass frame hurt vision?

I was bending over in the refrigerator and I hit the side of my metal eyeglass frame. Could that bend the frame and hurt my vision.
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    A bend eyeglasses frame will of course hurt your vision. To maintain proper fit, have your glasses adjusted by an optician regularly. How much you wear them, how active you are, and other personal variables will determine how frequently you need to have them adjusted. Ill-fitting glasses can strain your eyes, interfere with vision correction, and create dangerous situations. It is recommended that you do not try to bend your frames back into shape yourself. The service is usually complimentary at optical shops and eyecare offices where a trained professional can guarantee you a proper adjustment.


    According to your description, metal frames are pretty strong and they don't get bend that easily.If your comfortable with your vision after the frame got hit,and your not getting any discomfort in eyes,headaches,while using specs, need not worry. It won't hurt your eyes or vision. Wish you a good health!
  • fergus


    Frankly speaking, a bend eye glasses frame will not hurt vision. However, if you get blurred vision, headache or dazzle, you need to check out whether the vision center has been removed because of the bend eyeglasses frame. In this way, your vision will be harmed if you wear this kind of eyeglasses for a long time. Hope this helpful.