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Why are some contact lenses more comfortable than others?

I've just bought my first lot of contact lenses. The right one is a normal, soft, monthly disposable lense and feels fine. The left one is a toric lense for astigmatism and its really uncomfortable. Its slightly blurry (I can see much clearer with my glasses) it feels heavy and it feels like there is a big glob of something on the bottom of my eye ball. And it is really difficult to take out. Has anyone else had this problem? Is it a problem with my prescription or do I just have to get used to it? Or maybe I'm just not suitable to wear lenses cos at the moment I can only keep them in for a couple of hours and then I get a headache.
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  • williams


    Regardless of modality, soft toric lenses require some means of keeping their cylinder axis properly aligned with that of the patient's refractive error. Most employ one of three methods, or a combination of these three: 1. Prism ballasting. This method of stabilization entails adding more lens material mass to the inferior portion of the lens, making that part of the lens thicker. Doing this helps prevent the lens from rotating and is one of the more common methods of lens stabilization, as it offers a good compromise between patient comfort and stability. 2. Lens truncation. This design involves cutting off the bottom portion of the lens, leaving it flat or truncated. The flat edge usually aligns with the lower lid, and the bottom "corners" help hold the lens in place. Lens truncation is an effective stabilization system, but it tends to make the lens less comfortable. 3. Thin zones. Also called "dynamic stabilization" and "double slab-off," this design involves removing lens material at both the apex (superior portion) and base (inferior portion) of the lens, creating thin zones at the top and bottom. These zones allow the eyelids to exert pressure on the lens and hinder its rotation. This design offers the greatest comfort of the three stabilization methods, but the the least resistance to rotation.
  • walkersville


    As I know that special types of contact lenses works better than others to correct special problems. Rigid gas-permeable lenses may be the best choice for people who have astigmatism that's quite high or not normal.Some people cannot tolerate hard lenses. Soft lenses that correct both nearsightedness and astigmatism are available. Soft contact lenses tend to be more comfortable than hard lenses, but hard lenses usually provide sharper vision.Regarding to your question, first, you need to check out whether your prescription is right or not. Moreover, you need to check out the material of the contact lenses are suitable for you or not. If the answer is no, you need to change another pair which brings more comfortable to your eyes.