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Does bilberry help night vision ?

Can taking bilberry help my eyes. Is this help improve my night vision?
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    Yes, taking it can help your eyes and it is often associated with improvement of night vision. Because I heard the story of World War II RAF pilots consuming bilberry jam to sharpen vision for night missions. Besides night vision, it can also improve vision in patients who have glaucoma, cataracts and age-related macular degeneration and it can be used to treat a lot of illnesses, such as scurvy, urinary tract infections and digestive problems. Have a try!
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    Yes, taking bilberry will help your eyes which will improve your night vision to some degree. Bilberry could be made in the fragrance juicy, sweet and delicious. It contains many kinds of vitamins which are necessary for human glucose organic acids and so on. That is why it could improve your night vision. You should also eat more food with vitamin A to improve your night vision.