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What are computer glasses?

I am a computer worker. I need to sit in front of my computers for more than 8 hours a day. I heard that I can buy a pair of computer glasses. What are computer glasses? Do they really work?
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  • Victor Lee


    Computer glasses are prescription glasses that are designed to wear when doing computer work. They allow you to focus your eyes on a computer screen, which is farther away than reading material is normally held. I think you can click this link to get more information about this kind of glasses
  • Shelby


    The person often sit in front of a computer for too long will feel tired. And the reflection of the computer will do harm to our health and especially to our eyes. Our eyesight will drops result in the glare of the computer screen. If you found that you can hardly focus, you may need a pair of computer glasses. computer glasses are designed to lessen the symptoms associated with computer vision syndrome . Prolonged computer using will lead to computer vision syndrome. If our eyes and brain react to words on a computer screen different than on the printed text. And have eyestrain, dry eyes, blurred vision and headaches at the same time, we may need a pair of computer glasses.
  • Marissa


    I think computer glasses can work as we needed. When we lean forward or look down to see through their glasses to see letters clearly, we often suffer from back and shoulder pain in doing this. computer glasses are prescription glasses that are designed to make patients work more comfortably in front of a computer. We need to focus our eyes at a close distance, because computer monitors are usually placed a little further away than a comfortable reading distance. But our regular glasses cannot help us with this. So they are not enough to alleviate symptoms of computer vision syndrome. If we have a pair of computer glasses, you can focus at the appropriate distance and does not need to tilt your head back anymore.

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