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Where do your eyes go when you're lying

I saw this in the film Lie to Me that our eyes will go a certain way when we lie. Our eyes will go the opposite way when you tell the truth. Can you tell me whether it is true or not?
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  • emkat_rodd


    I heard that looking to the left means that the guy is telling a lie. But some people also say that people will look to the right when they are lying. I think looking left or right towards the ear or other parts all mean that the person is trying to recall what they heard or to remember what they saw. If we can't remember clearly we will try hard to think about something and try to put the pieces together. If the person is under such circumstances, you can't say that they are lying. And look toward left or right may depend on different people. It is a good way to watch them closely about how they answer everything. But we can't judge whether it is a lie in this way.
  • Mackenzie rose


    I think which way the eyes move cannot tell you whether he or she is a liar or not. You can judge this from other parts. Some people say that when people are lying, they blink a lot and will not look at you straight in the eyes. But I have to tell you that two of my friends often blink their eyes when they are talking with others. I don't know why. But one of them is very shy. Maybe shyness can lead to eye blinks and can't make eye contact with others when they are communicating with others.