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How eyes work ?

I am curious about that how our eyes work. My grandpa just told me that the day when I was born, a fairy drops some waters on my face and then my eyes can see the colorful world. Really? Can you tell me how do our eyes work?
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  • enternalhate


    Dear kid, I doubt that whether you know that parts of our eyes? If you don't know I have to tell you first. Our eyes have the following parts: Cornea, Sclera, Iris, Pupil, The lens, Retina, Blind spot and so on. Do you know what do they do? Cornea is the transparent skin that covers the front of your eye and has no blood vessels. Sclera is the white of our eyes. They are tough skin. Iris controls the amount of light that enters our eyes. Pupil is the hole in the colored iris. It lets light into our eyes. The lens focuses light onto the retina. Retina can show the picture you are seeing. Blind spot is a bit of your retina. If you can't understand this, you can have someone to explain it to you or you can search every part on the internet.
  • christensengirl


    Kid, there are some other parts. I think the Eyelids and Eyelashes are the easiest part for you to understand. They can protect our eyes when there is dust, eyelashes trap it and then our eyelids close. Eyebrows help to keep sweat and dust out of our eyes too. Electrical messages from retina will travel along the Optic nerve to our brain. Tear glands are in our upper eyelids. They can produce tears to moisten the surface of our eyeballs. Conjunctiva is the lining. Ciliary muscles are a circle of tiny muscles around the lens. We use ciliary muscles to squeeze and relax.