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Cameron smith


Need help from someone who is good with eye health?

i got contacts probablya little over a year ago but the weird thing was, for some reason my vision was only bad in one eye. i was told to wear my single contact lol constantly so i wouldnt get a lazy eye. i never got into the routine sadly and only wore it maybe once a week. the bad eye is now bad far and near sight and im out of contacts and might not be able to get some more for at least a few weeks. i feel a very slight pain in the back of my eye sometimes but i can perfect. should i be able to go these few weeks without my contact or will i get a lazy eye. what are some foods that help with eye health
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  • 04/14/2012

    maybe foods high in beta carotene would work , however some people assume it's a myth and possibly is. I doubt you may get a lazy eye if you do not get the contacts for some weeks. If you are not able to afford them at once, but are worried , return to the optometrist you bought the initial contacts from and see if you get some currently and calculate a payment set up. If you bought your original prescription from an ophthalmologist, and you think that you've got changes in your vision, you wish to return to him for a replacement prescription. If you've got health insurance, it ought to include the ophthalmologist's visit.

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