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Nathan harris


What's the differences between Bifocal glasses, progressive and trifocal glasses?

my left eye is -2.5 and right eye is -2.25, and im planning to buy a pair of eyeglasses online, but not sure what kind of lenses i should pick? i really don't like the eyeglass frames in the stores!!
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  • 04/13/2012

    bifocal eyeglasses are suitable for people who have more than one vision problems at the same time. There is a line in the one lens separating the lens into two prescription part, upper portion of the lens for far vision and the lower part for near vision. Progressive glasses, also called no-line bifocal glasses, have a gradient of optical powers embedded in the lenses which help glasses wearers to see things clearly in different viewing distance.For those who suffer two kinds of vision problems or more, progressive glasses are also recommended to help you see objects with clarity.
  • enternalhate


    According to your description about your prescription, You just only suffer myopia. So, you needn't buy bifocal glasses, progressive glasses or trifocal glasses. Just a pair of regular eyeglasses with single vision lenses can help you. Bifocal glasses, progressive glasses and trifocal glasses are designed to help people with many vision problems such as myopia, presbyopia and astigmatism etc. Therefore, you needn't care about it. You can go any eyeglasses shop to buy a pair of eyeglasses with your prescription. Good luck.