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Carlos quick


How successful is retinal detachment surgery?

My mother got retinal detachment and the doctor said she need a surgery. How successful is retinal detachment surgery?
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  • Logan quick


    As the name implies, retinal detachment surgery is only treat for retinal detachment. To reattach retina and prevent or reverse vision loss are the goals of the surgery. And the surgery have high rate of success. But you shall act quickly. The longer you wait to have surgery, the lower the changes that to recover good vision. So, if your mother have retinal detachment, just take surgery immediately.
  • entaliden


    The only way to treat retinal detachment is the surgery. But how successful the retinal detachment surgery will be depending on whether you have the surgery as soon as possible. Even if the surgery for retinal detachment is highly successful, you should have them treated as quickly as possible. Otherwise, the chance that the good vision is restored will be decreased. Usually the doctor will do surgery within a few days after you have been diagnosed with a detachment.

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