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Is it possible to buy a new glasses frame and put my lenses in them?

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  • 04/12/2012

    Yes, sometimes we can do it .But this process requires an experienced optician working with an experienced lab tech.So I advise you to buy a new one because it will not cost you too much.
  • cristoph


    I think it is difficult to find a new glasses frame to fit your old lenses. Why not buy a pair of new glasses. You can place an order online with your latest prescription. The glasses sold online are very cheap.
  • walkinpaperdoll


    You’d better turn to an optician with your lenses. If you can remember where you bought your glasses, you'd better consult in the same optical shop. Maybe they can find a pair of same eyeglass frame to store your lenses.
  • Cassidy


    I only heard that some people use old frames to store new lenses. I think this is easier than find a new glass frame to store your old lenses. But you can have a try. Take your old lenses to see an optician immediately. If they give you a new glass frame that can't store your lenses perfectly, I suggest you to buy a pair of new glasses. I saw one of my friends wear a pair of glasses with a pair of smaller lenses. They look so ugly.

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