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Joseph campbell


Can rosacea cause eye swelling ?

Is it possible to cause swelling eyes from rosacea? If not, what will cause the swelling eyes?
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  • handwithlighter


    Well, yes, rosacea can just lead to swelling eyes. Generally speaking, rosacea is commonly found on the skin of many people around the world. And according to some experts, there are some symptoms because of it, such as swelling and itching. Also, it will lead to great discomfort to those who suffer from this condition. For your situation, you can place a warm compress on the eyes. In that way, it will just open the skin's pores and to alleviate the pressure that builds up in the infected eyelids. Also, it will help alleviate the swelling and cause the blood to circulate more freely within the swollen tissue. So just have a try.
  • chrissyonline


    Yes, it is possible for you to get swelling eyes from rosacea because the nose and eye nerves are interlinked. However there may be other reasons to cause your swelling eyes which you need to pay attention to. The sensitive skin may make you get the swelling eyes. At the same time, the long time use of eye in front of computers will also let you get this. You should better take some actions to treat it.
  • betty


    Rosacea can to some extent affect on the eyes, such as red eyes, eye burning, eye pain, feeling foreign objects in the eyes. And yes, rosacea can also lead to eyelid inflammation and swelling. In about a half of all the rosacea cases, the patients will get infected eyes. And there are also other reasons to cause swelling eyes. For example, crying can also lead to eye swelling, which is because too much bloods and fluids flow to the eyes when people are crying. In addition, drinking too much alcohol or eating too much food rich in too much sodium content before people go to sleep can lead to eye swelling when they wake up. Besides, if people toss and turn in the bed at night when they are sleeping, they will get swelling eyes, too, due to the inadequate sleep. In some cases, swelling eyes can be caused by allergies.

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