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Can pregnancy cause your eyes to hurt?

Is it possible to get hurt eyes during pregnancy? Or what will cause eye hurt?
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  • eclipseracer01


    Yes, it is very possible for you to get hurt at eyes during pregnancy. Once you get pregnant, your eyes will be easily dry. At this time, you should not wear the contact lenses which will easily let your eyes get infection. Your eyes may get blood vessels. Thus you should better take care of it. You should protect the eyes carefully during your pregnancy.
  • charles


    I am afraid pregnancy can affect your vision and make them hurt by changing hormones level, retenting fluid and blocking blood circulation. Take water retention as an example, it will thick and curve the cornea slightly resulting in eye problems based on individual sensitivity. Internal changes aside, pregnancy is along with the changes in existing eye conditions, particularly for some people with diabetes. They may suffer diabetic retinopathy due to damage of the blood vessels in retina. Furthermore, some diseases will progress to malignant diseases, like glaucoma, so you need to consult with your doctor and adjust your medication.
  • Trinity


    Well, yes, pregnancy can lead to hurt eyes. According to some experts, when you are pregnancy, blood pressure will be high. Because of that, of course, your eyes will have high eye pressure. In the end, it will lead to eye pain. Also, blurry vision can occur during pregnancy period. Of course, you should know that eye hurt can be also caused by other factors such as eye infection. Also, long time exposure under sunlight can lead to it. By the way, for people who are pregnancy, eye irritation, dry eyes, eye discomfort, and vision changes can be common symptoms too. So you do not need to worry about it.

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