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How do I put the screws into my sunglass as the hole wont match after i took it out?

You know the kind of spectacle legs which have springs in it. I was unable to fit it back after removing the screws. The holes wont match. I tried with a needle poking through it it wonts with great strength. However, this wont do for a screw. Any idea how?
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  • 04/13/2012

    Just align the screw to the hole,then use a screwdriver to turn the screw in forth.Keep trying and you will move it back finally.
  • Angela tuener


    There are some tools to help you put the screws back. I get one from Firmoo. But I don't know whether other online eyeglasses stores will give you that kind of tools or not. But I suggest you to turn to an optician because the screws are so small and I also don't know how to handle with my tools though I got one of them. Some people will damage their sunglasses after they took the spectacle legs down. You must be careful in doing this. Good luck!
  • Tracy


    Ask your dad for help. Every time I broke something into pieces and can't restore them together I would ask my father for help. Sometimes, my dad will beat me because some articles are very expensive. I separate them into pieces without getting the permission. But dad was angry if he couldn't repair them.
  • explosion_x3


    Maybe you got the wrong screw for this hole. You can try other screws. The screws are very small. And some of them are not of the same size. So you'd better put them in different groups then when you want to put them back, it will be easier.