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Caroline hill


Does your mood affect eye color?

It is said that people' s mood can affect their eye color, is that true? What causes that?
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  • Alexa


    Yeah, it is true. This is said to be in relation with body temperature. Do you know that your body temperature will be different when you have different moods? In other words, when you get angry or worried, your body temperature may get higher. On the contrary, your body temperature will be normal when you just feel calm. I can not guarantee everyone has this situation, however, as for me, I have. When I am high, my blood will get hotter and then my eyes will change from blue to light green. But when I feel calm again, my blood just returns to its normal level and then my eye color just goes back to blue again.
  • chrissyonline


    Yes. it is possible to eye color change with mood. For most of people, their body temperature rising when they angry. Usually, for people with blue eyes, they will change to green at the time when they anger. But don't worry, the eye color will recover after you calm down. And i also heard that eye color will become lighter when people see something interesting. Anyway, we shall try to keep peace mind so as to keep healthy body.
  • lohera


    this is the chimera My eyes got stuck at, for 2 weeks! back to normal blue now, but collaborated with my mother, different lighting, that i had green and blue. she always said She knew I was mad because, growing up, my eyes turned green. any peer reviewed studies, instead of just suggesting fooled by lighting?