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What type of symptoms might be experienced with myopia?

How can I know if I have myopia? What are the symptoms?
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  • Caitlin


    Symptoms such as fatigue, headache, eye strain, blurry vision and so on. It seems that people with myopia are not suitable to play sports for long coz they will feel uncomfortable shortly after beginning. I also heard that there are several exercises to help reduce myopia but I just don' t know how to do them. You might as well search them online and follow the video. I know how bad it feels to live with myopia so you had better not get that. It makes me very hard to focus on a lot of things. If you are still not sure that whether you get myopia or not, you may go to have an eye exam. A simple eye exam can just test most of your eye problems.
  • Mark


    The most common symptom of myopia is poor vision. People noticed that they feel difficult to see far but they can see close thing clearly, they may have myopia. Usually, If you have to squint their eyes so as to see far, but easy to read a book, you'd better take a eye exam. Maybe it is caused by myopia. Besides, people with myopia are often to feel eye strain or headache after read book for a while.