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How to look cool in men's glasses?

My mother said I look like a nerd in my glasses. How can I look cool with men's glasses?
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  • manny


    Maybe your eyeglasses don't suit your personality. If you need to wear glasses, you can change for a new pair of eyeglasses that suits you fine. You can ask your mother to go with you to select another pair of eyeglasses for you. In the optical stores there are different kinds of eyeglasses for you to choose. You can try all them on to determine what kind of glasses can look good on you. Your mother can give you some suggestions on the style of eyeglasses that suit you fine. A good pair of glasses that makes you look cool must reflect your personality. If you have ordered glasses that look good on you, be confident when your wear them. Don't care what others think.
  • giles


    cool sunglasses are different from each person. So, if you want to look cool, you must choose the best suitable men's glasses to compliment you. That is to say, you shall choose eyeglasses frames according to your face shape, skin color and personalities. Usually, people shall choose glasses frames that contrast their face shape. And If you have dark skin color, you shall choose bright colored frames while fair skin can choose some dark colored frames. Good luck.