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Is this prescription strong with this amount of prism?

My eye perscription is as follows: RIght eye...distance....+2.25. -1.00...65.0. 0.50 prism up Left eye. Distance. +2.25. -0.75. 80.0. 0 50 prism down Right eye, near. +4.75. -1.0. 65.0 Left eye. near.+4.75. -0 75. 80 Is this perscription very strong? The reason I'm asking is I'm a little worried about the prism...never having one before. The glasses I'm wearing we're taken away and I believe read as I don't have the perscription I was given at the time. But just recently I have been seeing double. Or more like ghosting. A shadow.
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  • aaron


    The prism is only small and will help to correct a vertical muscle imbalance between your eyes. It should help relieve the double vision or ghosting.