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big john


Is it safe to wear contacts with slightly damage?

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  • Miranda


    I would not wear it as it could scratch your eye. It is quite easy when you first get contact lenses to damage them, usually when they are removed, so don't let this put you off. If you have others just start wearing a new one, and your contact lens practitioner should replace if for you a minimal or no cost.
  • Mackenzie rose


    No, it is so dangerous. Please take this seriously. You might damage your eyes. I mean your eyes are much more important than a pair of slightly damaged contact lenses. I've torn my contact before and thought nothing of it until part of it ripped off and went to the back of my eye. It was a very small piece too so I had to spend literally hours sitting there in front of the mirror with a cotton bud and watering eyes trying to pry it out, I was lucky I did manage to get it out but sometimes it's requires medical uses to get them out. Trust me it isn't worth the pain and hassle, it'll be much simpler to just replace the contact.