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Does a dilated pupil affect eye sight?

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  • ctc_youth


    I understand how disturbing how this could be. There is one main effective option that could be tried at this point in time in my opinion.The first is to use appropriate glasses to minimize the amount of light getting into the eyes. The fear hear is not only on the pupil, but the eye camera, otherwise called the retina. Excessive amounts of light on the retina could be hazardous, so proper regulation of amount of light reaching the retina is important.Surgery will be counter productive in my opinion, and risks not producing any significant positive result in my opinion. Proper light control into the pupil remains the main crucial measure in this case. proper eye care considering the past medical history is vital.
  • tuener


    Yes, of course it affects the vision. The wider dilated the pupil, the more light it lets in, and the smaller, the less light. When you are in bright sunlight, the pupil goes to pinpoint, and at night, it dilates to maximum to allow for maximum light to hit the macula, which is the most light-sensitive part of the retina. Now stay away from the drugs .
  • etje


    It reduces accommodative power of your eyes temporarily. What it means that you can't focus on near objects for a short duration. You can't get a clear image of the near object but you will definitely notice them. reading and doing fine close work will be difficult but that does not mean visual inattention.