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How to look stylish in geek-chic eyeglasses?

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  • Jonathan tuener


    Big, thick-framed eyeglasses are no longer unfashionable. They've become an increasingly popular, geek-chic fashion accessory for every nerd-to-be. People are not only wearing them to look stylish, but also to look more attractive and intelligent to the opposite sex. Black goes with everything and is the perfect colour choice for just about any occasion or event. If you're craving a pop of colour, go for it, but buy a second pair of eyeglasses in black, trust me, you'll need them!There's something about black that instantly makes you look smart, professional, sophisticated, and pulled-together, but wear black from head to toe and you're ready to attend a funeral. Black vintage eyeglasses work better than any other colour if you want to easily update your look to geek-chic without shopping for a new wardrobe. And you'll look just as intelligent as (if not more than) Leonard in The Big Bang Theory, minus the crazy hair. We trust you have a good stylist.
  • Nance


    Make sure it fits your face, and makes you look attractive. They are the foundation of the stylish. Choose one that you like. This will help you look geekier. You can mix geek chic with any style of clothes as well, Make sure your outfit is not too trendy either. Be an individual and wear what no one else does. Just make sure it fits you and makes you look good. Everyone fits a different style . Make sure that you don't look too professional; you want to look casually professional or bookish. For tee shirts, try shopping at stores like Hot Topic or Abercrombie for button downs. You don't actually have to splash out and buy a whole new wardrobe. You can mix up and customize the clothes you already have. The argyle sweater and blouse combo works. You can also go for the busy look, simply cram in as many colors, prints, and fabrics as you can. Just make sure at has a geeky touch to it: For example, wearing a Super Mario necklace with a T-shirt. If you%u2019re wearing a skirt, it helps to wear some that are knee length or slightly shorter or longer (not too short). A-line, pleated, or pencil skirts work very well with the look. Knee high tights add a touch of style to a skirt! Get them in different colors and make sure it matches, not clashes. Any type of jewelry is okay,as long as it matches with your face, size, and outfit. Finally, if you really want to look good. You had better make up when you wearing them.
  • cauliflowerbat


    Borrow from the "stereotypical geek image", except with style. When going for the overtly studious or square, bookish appearance, make sure to jazz it up. Make it look more fashionable, yet still have its geeky roots. You can mix geek style with other style Emo, Preppy, Goth, Urban, Hippie, Indie, Boho, etc., be creative!Just because you're a geek, it doesn't mean you don't wear makeup. If you want, you can just go for the plain look and not wear any makeup at all, but makeup is fine. Stick to a plain palette, don't go too wild.
  • Lany


    Incorporating geek chic elements into your ensemble is a fun way to punch up a fashionable but otherwise lackluster outfit into something with a little more edge.Here are five fun ways to embrace your inner geek and look stylish doing it. try out a pair of boldly bookish frames from Warby Parker or Elizabeth and James. Wear socks with frocks. Wear socks with frocks. Sometimes all it takes is a simple pair of socks to transform your outfit from plain old chic to geek. Get cropped and printed. Sans suspenders of course, cropped and printed trousers make a chic statement with just the right amount of quirk. Don't be afraid to experiment with polka dots,plaid, and other quirky prints. Flaunt your collar. The collared shirt is a staple of any geek chic wardrobe and a great look for an internship or work. Don't forget your footwear. Oxfords might as well be the official footwear choice for the geek chic trend. A pair of cropped pants might be the more obvious pairing, but you can also add a dash of geek chic to a dainty dress with this unexpected footwear choice.