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Why is frame style important for kids?

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  • walksal0ne


    when a youngster likes his eyeglasses, he will want to wear them. Today's eyeglass manufacturers are designing frames specifically for children. You will see a wide variety of colors, shapes and styles. Some are scaled-down copies of adult styles, which many children like because they look more grown-up. Others incorporate the latest pop-culture icons. There are so many children's frame style choices available that the selection could seem overwhelming when you first walk through the door. To make the experience more manageable, you may want to become acquainted with the styles available first. If you have access to a computer, you and your child will be able to preview Davis Vision's complete line of frames by logging on to To simplify the selection process, choose several styles yourself, taking into consideration any specific recommendations from the eye doctor, and then allow your child to make the final decision from that group.
  • hands_down360


    When it comes time for a child who requires eyeglasses to pick out frames,the process can be tricky if the child's idea of what he or she wants differs from that of the parents. While the child may find a pink frame designed with Minnie Mouse as the perfect fit, his or her parents may feel more comfortable with a more conservative option. So, if the kids do not like the frame style, he/she may not wear it. As for the parents, it is not a easy think to let a kid to wear his unfavorite frame. So, you need to keep your kids in the frame-choosing process. We believe they are more likely to wear them if they are involved, we also want them to start to get involved with their health care at an early age
  • Fat


    Choosing the right frame for your child's glasses can be a challenge. Children are hard on glasses so it's important to get sturdy frames. Style is also very important. Young children tend to be self-conscious if they have to wear glasses. It's important they get a pair which looks good otherwise they may not wear them consistently. Also consider the weight of the frames. If they are too heavy they may fall off or the child may take them off when they play. The right temple style is also important. The right ones keep the glasses in place, are flexible, lightweight and wrap around the temple. If you let the child have some input in the choice of glasses frames together you should be able to find a pair which satisfies both of you.