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Where can I get a free eye exam and glasses in Virginia?

I have no insurance or money to get glasses without insurance, and I have nearsightedness. How can I go about getting a free eye exam and glasses in my area? Thank you.
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  • elmo01


    Well, if you want to get free eye exam in walmart, you'd better get the eye exam coupons first, because the people with Wal-Mart eye exam coupons can obtain an eye exam for free. But I have perfect vision so I don't need any eye glasses. And I seldom schedule an eye exam. So I don't know how to get the eye exam coupons at walmart. I have found this for you. you can have a look at They are talking about how to get a free eye exam at walmart. Hope this helped!
  • 04/12/2012

    Maybe there are some optical stores having such activity that offer free eye exams but they may ask you to buy their glasses . You can look for such chance to have a free exam.
  • 04/12/2012

    I think its better to go to an actual eye doctor. That would probably be the better experience. And you can also get glasses there, but it may be cheaper to get them someplace else.
  • Zachary eddy


    Sweetie, you can get free eye exam in Walmart. I heard that many people got free eye exam in walmart. You can have a try. You can call them right now to make sure that whether you can get a free eye exam or not. There are many walmart vision centers all over the country. So you can find a walmart vision center in Virginia. walmart doesn't give eyeglasses for free but the price is affordable so I think you can afford a pair of glasses. Good luck!
  • Michael?


    Just search on the internet to see which optical stores are givING free eye exams around your living place. Sometimes doctors will give free eye exams. If you are lucky enough, you can find it. Another place is walmart vision center. I heard that people can get free eye exams here. But I have never had a try. If you really can't find a place that can offer you a free eye exam, you must pay for it. But I do know there are places to get a pair of free glasses. Firmoo have done that before. If you are qualified for their requirements (apply for it and prove them that you can't afford a pair of glasses), they will send you a pair of free glasses. Maybe there are other eyeglasses stores online which may hold the same kind of activity. You can apply for it too. Hope this helped! Good luck!

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